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The Pratt Institute's Media Arts Department proudly presents the Traditional Animation thesis films of the graduating class of 2007, as well as selected shorts. Students will be in attendance for a Q&A to talk about their stop motion, 2-D computer animation, and hand-drawn films.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do the kids still like Fugazi?

Dear Fran and Will--

How’s it going? How’s the pilot coming?

I know I had mentioned to you this awesome “Dark Toons” show we’ve got coming up on Sept. 9, and here are the details, below and attached as a .pdf. It’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest film and music events in New York this year: we’ll be screening enjoyably evil animations, with a live score to the films of Brent Green by members of FUGAZI and CALIFONE. Plus an after-party with Free Dewar’s Scotch Whisky. Not to be missed!

You can also get more info at http://rooftopfilms.com/show_06-shortsdarktoons.html

We would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word about it. Maybe Fran’s animation students could come? (We even do group discounts, if you want to make a class trip out of it — they won’t need to rent a bus, like with Ottawa.)

So, if you can, please pass it on to friends, animation fans, Fugazi fans, and other cool people. Thanks.

Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Artistic Director, ROOFTOP FILMS
232 3rd Street, Studio E103
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Movies that show us where you live and how you live.

Enjoyably evil animation, a gorgeously gritty roof, and members of indie-punk legends Fugazi and Califone playing live.
Venue: The roof of 210 Cook St. (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Directions: L to Montrose, walk 7 blocks downhill on Bushwick Ave. to a left on Cook
Rain Date: Sun., Sept. 10 (check rooftopfilms.com or call 718-417-7362 for updates)
8:30PM: Live music by Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Jim Becker (Califone) & Jerry Busher
9:00PM: Short animated films
Tickets: $8 available at the door or online at
Advance tickets are recommended as the show may sell out.
After Party: FREE DEWAR'S WHISKY at The Wreck Room, just around the corner on Flushing at White.


Blogger Lee said...

sounds interesting!

12:12 AM

Blogger Javan said...

I'm in, Animation accompanied by live Fugazi folk? Rawk.

2:18 AM

Blogger AsLaN O NaRnIa said...

this sounds really cool...let's organize a group?

12:03 PM


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