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The Pratt Institute's Media Arts Department proudly presents the Traditional Animation thesis films of the graduating class of 2007, as well as selected shorts. Students will be in attendance for a Q&A to talk about their stop motion, 2-D computer animation, and hand-drawn films.

Free and open to the public, May 4th & 5th, 7pm at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater


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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Before play, we work. :D

This Sunday, we is gettin' together in G-50 at 7:00PM (since we have no classes Monday) to do HW. Because already, we have homework. Oh noes!

Come by, bring your HW, bring snacks. Moo.

ONE... One... one... one... WEEK... Week... week... week

Here s the list I have confirmed to get passes:

Lee Rubenstein
Katie Cropper
Isam Prado
Jessica Plummer
Emmett Goodman
Alisa Stern
Jen Lee
Jessica Marano
Joshua Weisbrod
Javan Ivey
Maya Edleman
Fran Krause
Dan Mountain
Max Salazar

Fourteen! Cripes! Well, the final deadline is one week from now. I will be ordering the passes when I get out of class Thursday at noon. High noon. Let me know if I'm missing anyone.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do the kids still like Fugazi?

Dear Fran and Will--

How’s it going? How’s the pilot coming?

I know I had mentioned to you this awesome “Dark Toons” show we’ve got coming up on Sept. 9, and here are the details, below and attached as a .pdf. It’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest film and music events in New York this year: we’ll be screening enjoyably evil animations, with a live score to the films of Brent Green by members of FUGAZI and CALIFONE. Plus an after-party with Free Dewar’s Scotch Whisky. Not to be missed!

You can also get more info at http://rooftopfilms.com/show_06-shortsdarktoons.html

We would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word about it. Maybe Fran’s animation students could come? (We even do group discounts, if you want to make a class trip out of it — they won’t need to rent a bus, like with Ottawa.)

So, if you can, please pass it on to friends, animation fans, Fugazi fans, and other cool people. Thanks.

Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Artistic Director, ROOFTOP FILMS
232 3rd Street, Studio E103
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Movies that show us where you live and how you live.

Enjoyably evil animation, a gorgeously gritty roof, and members of indie-punk legends Fugazi and Califone playing live.
Venue: The roof of 210 Cook St. (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Directions: L to Montrose, walk 7 blocks downhill on Bushwick Ave. to a left on Cook
Rain Date: Sun., Sept. 10 (check rooftopfilms.com or call 718-417-7362 for updates)
8:30PM: Live music by Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Jim Becker (Califone) & Jerry Busher
9:00PM: Short animated films
Tickets: $8 available at the door or online at
Advance tickets are recommended as the show may sell out.
After Party: FREE DEWAR'S WHISKY at The Wreck Room, just around the corner on Flushing at White.


For those just joining us, here's the skinny:
That Greyhound link below won't automagically set you up. Start at
And then enter the following:

Round Trip
From New York, NY
To Ottawa, ON

Departing Sept. 20th, 2006
Returning Sept. 24th, 2006

Continue on, and you'll get to a page that will remarkably resemble the one that Lee has kindly displayed through the wonders of his high-tech prowess.

After that, make sure you click the 7-day advance ticket. "Will Call" means that you pick up your ticket at the station. Same price as having them mail it to you, but with a much slimmer chance of forgetting it. Though do remember the credit card you paid with.

The confusion seems to have been the assumption that we would leave out of Brooklyn, while in truth we'll be heading out of Port Authority.

Welcome to the club. Let's flee the country.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Monday, August 28, 2006

Ottawa Inspiration

Sunday, August 27, 2006

ottawa bus


go there!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Come all ye rabble...

In compliance to Miss Jen's request, and as many of you would want anyways...we're getting together this weekend for a little smoozing of animators for the new year. WE WILL BE DISCUSSING OTTAWA!!! OTTAWA VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

SUNDAY (This sunday...as in two days from now...day before classes start)
ALISA'S ROOM (Willoughby 1512)


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


When is everyone moving back in, or gonna be in the Brooklyn area (if you're not already)? We should have an animation back-to-school gathering this weekend or something, before classes start and we die of deadness??

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Schedule

Ottawa International Animation festival -------> The Schedule

Wednesday, September 20

7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Television Animation Conference (Château Laurier)

10:00 am
Kids' Animation Celebration (National Gallery)

12:00 pm
Kids' Animation Celebration (National Gallery)

5:15 pm
Television Animation Conference Boat Cruise (Rideau Locks)

7:00 pm
Bruno Bozzetto: Allegro Non Troppo GALA (Bytowne)

9:00 pm
Short Competition 1 GALA (Bytowne)

11:00 pm
Opening Night Party - Passholders only (Irish Village)

Chez-Ani Nightclub (Avant-Garde Bar)

Thursday, September 21

7:30 am - 5:00 pm
Television Animation Conference (Château Laurier)

9:00 am
Career Day: NAD Centre (National Gallery)

9:30 am
Meet the Filmmakers (Novotel Hotel)

9:45 am
Career Day: Sheridan College (National Gallery)

10:30 am
Career Day: Vancouver Film School (National Gallery)

11:00 am
Bruno Bozzetto Short Films (Bytowne)
Kids Competition (National Gallery)

1:00 pm
Short Competition 5 (Bytowne)
Algonquin College (National Gallery)

1:45 pm
Career Day Max the Mutt (National Gallery)

2:30 pm
Career Day Art Institute of Toronto (National Gallery)

3:00 pm
Feature Competition: The Christies (Bytowne)
Canadian Film Showcase (National Gallery)

5:00 pm
Chez-Ani Opens (Avant-Garde Bar)

7:00 pm
Konstantin Bronzit Retrospective (Bytowne)
John Straiton Retrospective (National Gallery)

9:00 pm
Short Competition 2 GALA (Bytowne)
Feature Competition: The Book of the Dead (National Gallery)

11:00 pm
Crush. Kill. Destroy. Channel Frederator's Greatest Hits
(Arts Court - Club SAW)
Chez-Ani Nightclub (Avant-Garde Bar)

Friday, September 22

9:00 am
Concept Design and Art Direction (NAC Fourth Stage)

9:30 am
Meet the Filmmakers (Novotel Hotel)

10:00 am
Bob Clampett Retrospective (Bytowne)

11:00 am
Masterclass with Jonathan Hodgson (NAC Fourth Stage)

12:30 - 4:00 pm
Animator's Picnic - Passholders only (Mooney's Bay)

5:00 pm
Chez-Ani Opens (Avant-Garde Bar)

6:00 pm
Animarket Grand Opening (NAC Lobby - Aniboutique)
Book Signing Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in 1950s
Animation by Amid Amidi (Nac Lobby - Aniboutique)

7:00 pm
Toon Town: 65 Years of Animation in Canada's Capital #1:Short Films
(NAC Southam Hall)
Jeff Scher Retropective (National Gallery)

9:00 pm
Short Competition 3 GALA (NAC Southam Hall)
Contemporary Brazilian Animation (National Gallery)

11:00 pm
Friday Night Party - Passholders only (Capital City Music Hall)
Chez-Ani Nightclub (Avant-Garde Bar)

Saturday, September 23

9:00 am
Tech Forum Keynote by Rob Coleman (NAC Fourth Stage)
Writing Squash 'n' Stretch (Arts Court - Club SAW)

9:30 am
Meet the Filmmakers (Novotel Hotel)

10:00 am
Kids Workshop (National Gallery)
Tech Forum: t.b.a. (NAC Fourth Stage)

11:00 am
Kids Competition GALA (NAC Southam Hall)
Short Competition 1 (Bytowne)
Teletoon Scholarship Finalists (National Gallery)
Making of Norman McLaren: The Master's Edition DVD Box Set
(Arts Court - Club SAW)

11:45 am
Internet Competition (NAC Fourth Stage)

1:00 pm
Bruno Bozzetto Short Films (NAC Southam Hall)
Short Competition 2 (Bytowne)
Feature Competition: The Book of the Dead (National Gallery)
Experiencing Animation: Art, Media & Space (Arts Court - Club SAW)

2:00 pm
Tech Forum: Animation & Gaming (NAC Fourth Stage)
Kids Workshop (National Gallery)

3:00 pm
Short Competition 4 GALA (NAC Southam Hall)
Feature Competition: Code Name Kids Next Door: Operation Z.E.R.O.
International Showcase (National Gallery)
LAIKA - How We Do It: Creating Shorts and Commercials (Arts Court
-Club SAW)

4:00 pm
John Kricfalusi Presents: The Genius of Bob Clampett (NAC Fourth

5:00 pm
Book Launch Estonian Animation: Between Genius and Utter Illiteracy
by Chris Robinson (NAC Lobby - Aniboutique)
Book Signing Your Career in Animation by David B. Levy (NAC Lobby -

7:00 pm
Bob Clampett Retrospective (NAC Southam Hall)
Contemporary Brazilian Animation (National Gallery)
Cultoons! Strange and Lost Cartoons (Barrymore's Music Hall)

9:00 pm
Short Competition 5 Gala (NAC Southam Hall)
John Straiton Retrospective (National Gallery)
John Kricfalusi Presents Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes (Barrymore's
Music Hall)

11:00 pm
Saturday Night Party - Passholders only (Barrymore's Music Hall)
Chez-Ani Nightclub (Avant-Garde Bar) Sunday, September 24

Sunday, September 24

9:30 am
Meet the Filmmakers (Novotel Hotel)

10:00 am
Internet Competition (NAC Fourth Stage)
Toon Apprentice Workshop (National Gallery)

11:00 am
Feature Competition: Codename Kids Next Door: Operation Z.E.R.O. (NAC
Southam Hall)
Short Competition 4 (Bytowne)
Toon Town: 65 Years of Animation in Canada's Capital #2: Television
(National Gallery)
Animation Assests: From Film to Game, the Making of Meet the Robinsons
(NAC Fourth Stage)

1:00 pm
Konstantin Bronzit Retrospective (NAC Southam Hall)
Feature Competition: The Christies (Bytowne)
Jeff Scher Retrospective (National Gallery)

2:00 pm
A Brave New World: The Rise of Independent Creators (NAC Fourth Stage)
Toon Apprentice Workshop (National Gallery)

3:00 pm
International Showcase (NAC Southam Hall)
Short Competition 3 (Bytowne)
Canadian Film Showcase (National Gallery)

4:00 pm
Perspectives: Beyond the Frame (NAC Fourth Stage)

5:00 pm
Chez-Ani Opens (Avant Garde Bar)

7:00 pm
Closing and Award Ceremonies (NAC Southam Hall)

8:00 pm
Best of the Festival (NAC Southam Hall)

9:00 pm
Closing Night Party (Novotel)
Chez-Ani Nightclub (Avant-Garde Bar)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


For those of you who haven't gotten this:

Hello Mr. Linhart,
I'm an independent filmmaker producing a short stop-motion film this Fall.
I'm wondering if you have any students interested in an unpaid internship
working on the film. There might be an opportunity to animate, depending on
skill level. We will also begin a major portion of the set building the last
week of august, and will likely need art department help through september.
The student(s) would be working under industry professionals with plenty of
opportunity to get their hands dirty.
The project is being produced by Charged, a production studio in Brooklyn.
and the site for the film being made is:

In the past, Charged has offered for-credit internships to NYU students, so
that could be worked out on our end, if it is possible for Pratt.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Djuna Wahlrab
150 St. James Pl. #33
Brooklyn, New York 11238

- - -

For some reason, I am reminded of Alisa and Javan. GEEEEE, I WONDER WHY. O__o

New blog for us soon to be grads

Cartoons Are Killing Us is a new blog for us seniors to gripe about the pressures and stress of creating a thesis film. For all of you seniors that want in.. email me at lee@leescartoons.com

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Piranas Are A Very Tricky Species

Bored? I stumbled on this collection of... french... goodies. It appears to be lots of Annecy stuff. In any case, lots of delectibles and tasty bites. Some of which most of us have seen. Anybody read french? Fran has probably already seen all of these.

Whole Heap Big French Animation


Friday, August 11, 2006

Big news from Fran and Hank!

Hello Everyone,
Hey Animators! Have you heard about the Ottawa Animation Festival? I
sure hope so! Well, get this - Pratt will be buying passes for Media Arts animation students. I think they're 170 bucks. The catch? You must email me with your intention to go by September 7th. Also, you must actually use
your pass. Juniors, if we buy you a pass and you don't go, you won't get a pass next year. Seniors, Pat will think of some other sort of punishment. It will be horrible. Anyways, I'm assuming most of you have heard something about the
festival by now. It's amazing. You should all go. You will learn a lot. You will see many films. You will bond with fellow classmates. You will come back with a headache, your head will be so full of new ideas. Please forward this email around amongst yourselves. It's very important to start planning now.

GET YOUR PASSPORT NOW! If you are at home, make sure you bring your passport back to school with you. I remember being able to get into Canada with a driver's license. Those days are gone. You will need either your passport OR a driver's license AND your birth certificate. A passport would be ideal. You're going to be driving up to the border, late at night, with a carload
of arty-looking kids. Bring your passports. Do not attempt to bring anything questionable over the border. If, by some strange coincedence, you happen to see another carload of friends in line in front of you, do not start honking and waving. They will pull you aside and search both cars. They will search very slowly. It will take forever. Trust me.

More information:

Also, bookmark this page:

How to get there:
You can carpool with friends. The drive up to Ottawa is about seven and a half hours, according to Mapquest. If you go with four or five friends in acar, it's the cheapest way to get there. Bring books on tape. If you have a car and empty seats, email me. I will try to organize a carpool. You can also fly to Ottawa. Last I checked, tickets were about 300 bucks or so.
If you are a masochist, you can take the bus. A bunch of you did this lastyear. There are red-eye busses that go all night and will get you there the next morning. Greyhound takes around 10-12 hours and costs $45 each way, if
you buy your tickets a week in advance. You can take a bus that leaves New York at midnight and gets to Ottawa at eleven the next day.

We'll see how the reaction is - maybe we can get a bus. We'll need quite a few students to make that work econimically.

Where to stay:
The center of the festival is at the National Arts Center, or NAC. It's at 53 Elgin Street. Here is a map: http://tinyurl.com/dyf96 . Try to stay as close as possible to this place. All other events are located within walking
distance to this. You have two options without sleeping in your car. You can spend about
20 bucks a night and stay at a hostel. They're very cheap but kind of
noisy and not too much privacy. You can also spend 75-125 for a single and
125-175 for a double and split it with three or four people. I would reccomend this.
You're only spending ten or twenty bucks more a night - and you get towels!
Look on www.orbitz.com or www.hotels.com or something like that. You can search by proximity to the festival.
Here are two hostels:
http://www.ottawahostel.com/ - a hostel. 20 bucks a night. five minute walk to the festival center.
- another hostel. 22 Canadian bucks a night, located in an old jail.
Very close to the festival. Many animation students will be there.

EMAIL ME if you have any questions. You should all go.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Animation and Rock Music *joy*

Lee showed me something recently which finally compelled me to post this. The first time I saw this video on television, I was five years old! Not only was it my first introduction to the music of Elton John, but the first time I saw rock music married with animation. It's a rare video, and quite hard to find. But someone was kind enough to put it on YouTube.

The marriage of great rock music and great animation is, at least for me, a match made in heaven. I love some of the animation and designs here. Please comment on what you think. Also, please comment if you can name an artistic style you see here, because I sure don't.

Elton John ~ "Club At The End Of The Street", 1990

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Looney Tunes Stop-Motion

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All the orange dots are all the people that have visited this blog over the past month.

I'll give you a dollar if you can find Carmen Sandiego.

Toonfuse podcast episode 14

Lee and Javan get together this week and peer into the CG crystal ball.

Listen to Episode 14 of the Toonfuse Podcast!

let us know how we are doing -- call us at 888-810-6906
or email us hey@toonfuse.com